Volunteering with Residents Suffering from Dementia

Volunteers with Conversations to Remember will often find themselves volunteering with residents suffering from some level of cognitive decline, whether the residents live in assisted living communities, memory care units, nursing homes, long-term care communities, or other senior living residences. Often, these residents are suffering from dementia. There are many types of dementia, so each person will be different, but they will generally be forgetful, and sometimes not living the same reality as you and me. The residents who participate in our program will be of higher cognitive functioning level than many with the condition, but they are often still impaired to some degree. Your conversations with them helps the residents now more than ever, because they have been increasingly isolated due to COVID-19. This is not only an opportunity for you to make someone who barely gets to speak with teenagers and young adults happy, but interacting with people of this older generation who are going through this hard period in their lives can be rewarding and fulfilling  for volunteers too.