Talk-a-thon FAQ

C2R is the shortened version of Conversations to Remember.
Conversations to Remember’s Talk-a-thon is an intergenerational communication campaign, where participants raise money and awareness through talking to seniors. Participants can make an emotional and financial impact through phone calls and video calls with seniors they know or from their community. There is no time better than now to talk to seniors, raise awareness of the rising issue of senior loneliness, and raise funds to help C2R continue expanding and spreading smiles across the United States of America?
The C2R Talk-a-thon is an opportunity for you to help Conversations to Remember raise funds, spread the message about the issue of senior loneliness, and also speak with seniors yourself. When you register, you will create a fundraising team or individual page which we hope you will share with all of your friends, family, on social media, and all of your contacts. Then, encourage people to sponsor your efforts to help end senior loneliness by making a donation and/or creating their own fundraising team or page. From December 1 - 15, call senior citizens - it is that easy. You can call seniors whom you know or whom are in your community, and show them that you care. Just a short phone call is easy for you, but may be priceless to a lonely senior. You can make as many phone calls as you want during the first 15 days of December - there is no minimum or maximum requirement and you can call one day, multiple days, or every day. You can make 1 phone call or 100 phone calls - the choice is yours. The goal of the Talk-a-thon is to make as many senior citizens as possible feel less lonely and feel cared about during the holiday season.
Anyone can participate in the C2R Talk-a-thon, from children to senior citizens, and everyone in between. We welcome all participants.
No. There is no fee to participate, but we encourage everyone who does, to fundraise to help support C2R's year-round efforts to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness in senior citizens. We hope everyone will set their fundraising goal at a minimum of $1,000 and strive to exceed that goal. However, any amount that you fundraise is greatly appreciated.
Click the link in the left-hand menu that says “Register/Donate/Fundraise”, then click “Start Fundraising”. This will bring you to a page where you can choose to start a team, join an existing team, or just register as an individual. Individuals can create a team just for themselves or join the C2R team.
You can call any senior citizens you know - family members, friends, neighbors, etc. You can also reach out to senior centers in your community, churches, temples, or any other organization in your community and ask if they know of any senior citizens who would enjoy a call.
No, everything is being done virtually for the Talk-a-thon. You can reach out to others to support your efforts through email, phone calls, social media, and word of mouth. Throughout the Talk-a-thon, you should call senior citizens on the telephone or have a video call with them. This is to raise awareness of how Conversations to Remember helps seniors. Since there are no geographical barriers to participation, you can speak to a senior around the corner or around the world.
All funds raised through the C2R talk-a-thon will go directly to Conversations to Remember to supply technology, training, and outreach. We supply many communities that we serve with tablets that they share between their participants. We also supply headphones to assist those residents with hearing issues to hear our volunteers. Other technology requirements include the software required for our virtual visits, as well as coordinating all of the work that we do. Our training consists of training to our volunteers, as well as the communities we serve. Outreach includes the work that we do to find volunteers and communities, as well as working with the communities to get our programs started. Our goal is to increase the number of senior citizens we can serve, and that requires the infrastructure to support our volunteers and our senior citizens.
Conversations to Remember is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, therefore all donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
We have provided graphic suggestions in our gallery, but you can post anything you want to spread our message.
Participating in the C2R Talk-a-thon certainly benefits your community. Earning community service hours will depend on the organization that is requesting you to earn the community service hours and overseeing the earning. Conversations to Remember will not certify community service hours earned in this Talk-a-thon, because we are not monitoring your participation.
To update your team goal or other information, please send us an email at Please include the updates that you want to make, and we'll make the update for you.
Once you've formed your team, reach out to friends, family, colleagues, and community. We've included sample posts for various different social media platforms in our gallery. You can also reach out via email and phone.
You can sign up at any time - even before the Talk-a-thon begins. When you register for the Talk-a-thon you can create your own individual fundraising account, start a team, or join an existing team. Once you have registered, you can begin spreading awareness about the epidemic of isolation and loneliness that senior citizens are facing, and C2R’s efforts to combat this issue. You can also begin your fundraising efforts by reaching out to your friends, family, and community via email, social networks and word of mouth. Encourage your community to support your efforts with a donation, or to join your efforts by taking part in this talk-a-thon themselves.
Yes! On our website are volunteer interest forms for student and adult volunteers. Once you submit the form, we will contact you with information about volunteer opportunities.