Christopher Doran, RN, CDP

Christopher Doran has been working with senior citizens, both alert and with cognitive impairments, for over 10 years.

He is a Registered Nurse in NY and NJ, Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP), and a Memory Care Trainer. He specializes in dementia education, care coordination, nursing management training, Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement. Christopher has both started up Assisted Living Departments from the ground up and reshaped existing ones, with every department he has led as director achieving zero deficiencies both in nursing and recreation. Working with a team of department heads, he has collaboratively achieved Advanced Standing and Best of the Best awards through the Health Care Association of NJ. Christopher has also won two creative awards for Assisted Living Week. Not only has he won creative awards, but he has redesigned and modernized dementia trainings reaching hundreds of employees and families.

Helping nursing departments prepare for survey and Advanced Standing is something he takes pride in. He is currently finishing his MSN and clinical requirements while working in spiritual abuse and religious trauma, bringing awareness to the healing and restoration that can occur. This includes speaking engagements, non-profit advising, and graduate-level research on spiritual health in nursing and its impact on patient outcomes.