What is: Parkinson’s Disease Dementia?

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder in the central nervous system. The central nervous system (CNS) processes information and sends motor signals through the body in response. Thus, Parkinson’s disease often affects motor functions, resulting in involuntary movements, such as tremors and loss of balance.  Parkinson’s disease dementia (PDD) is diagnosed when people living with or …

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Virtual Visits 2.0

Conversations to Remember has rolled out new software to support our virtual visits. This new chat system is being used already to identify new volunteers for our visits. Instead of asking everyone for their availability at the start of each semester and then relying on that information being accurate, we are now reaching out to …

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Recap: First C2R Webinar

On May 19, 2022, Conversations to Remember hosted its first webinar, which focused on developing meaningful relationships with people suffering from dementia. The webinar featured special guests Torie N. Pendleton, Dr. Krystal L. Culler and Christopher Doran, who are all experts with extensive knowledge of and experience with dementia.  The Guests Torie Pendleton owns her …

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